Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinky Promise Conference/Sisterhood

I attended the first annual Pinky Promise Heart to Heart Conference in Atlanta this weekend and it was phenomenal in the least to say! Before I even begin to talk about all the greatness that took place, I figured I should share a little bit about what exactly the pinky promise movement is. It’s an organization for women that was founded by Heather Lindsey ( and the promise is to honor God with your body and your life. More info about it can be found at What I really appreciated about this conference is that all the speakers preached the unadulterated gospel and it was not sugar coated or watered down. They preach true repentance, holiness, hell, and not just happy, happy, joy, joy messages. It was clear that the conference wasn’t a show for us to come see those who were hosting it but to really experience God and to have our hearts changed.
Registering for the conference

Two days prior to leaving for Atlanta I unexpectedly had to drop a ton of money to buy four new tires and a new battery for my car that we were driving there. I knew it was just a test to get me distracted, upset, and frustrated before going to the conference simply to get my mind off of meeting God there. All things work out for my good, so enemy we still going to ATL, get out of my way ha! I can truly say this conference was life changing in the least to say. The heart to heart name was quite fitting as my heart was wrecked, emptied, broken, and made new in the four days I was there. It was just a beautiful and humbling experience to be amongst hundreds of women who just loved Christ and wanted to pour out their hearts and be changed and really live for Him. We all know as women, we have a tendency to be known to hate on another woman, cause drama, be catty, anything negative you can think of is often associated with women. I am so proud to say that absolutely none of that was there. The sisterhood that was present really blew me away as women were praying for each other, crying with each other, crying for the hearts of those that were broken and needed healing. The fact that we were turning to each other to pray for women that we didn’t even know, may not have even known their name, but simply had a love for them because they are our sisters in Christ and we want to see the chains broken and to see them live out God’s will for their life simply showed me the beauty of God’s love.

Truth moment: Something that I have always struggled with has been my friendships with women. Every friendship that I have had has failed with the exception of my best friend Mariah and to be honest I am usually really skeptical about females so I tend to keep to myself. I’m not shy at all I just don’t trust any and everybody in my space. Going into the conference I wasn't guarded like I usually am which was a blessing because I was able to meet so many beautiful women after God’s own heart. Even one of the girls that I came with, her and I had only met once prior to hopping in the car and taking an eight hour drive together and we got a chance to pray for each other, be girly and do our make-up together, stand out in the cold for an hour for some chicken and waffles (lol), and now I have a new sister friend in Christ! 

                                                    My BFF Mariah and I

When I think of what type of woman I want to call friend, I think of someone who can really push me towards Christ and help me to grow as a person. The last night of the conference Heather had finished preaching, people had finished praying and were starting to leave but there were still some women at the front who wanted prayer. I didn’t know if the girls who I came with wanted to stay or were ready to leave so I asked them were they ready to go or if they wanted to stay and I could tell by the look in my bff’s eyes that she wasn’t trying to leave and not even a minute later Cornelius Lindsey (Heather Lindsey’s husband) says “These are your sisters up here (referring to those in the prayer line), pray for your sisters.” From that moment on everything changed; the presence of God just seemed to be so heavy and all you could do was get on your face before Him. The beauty in all of this was the desire to cry out to God with a heart of true repentance and to have chains broken and yell out that I am free! Nothing else mattered other than wanting to simply be in the presence of God. My friends could’ve easily been like “yeah everybody else is leaving let’s go” but they didn’t and because of that my heart was changed, my life was changed. What I had been seeking from God became evident and within reach. I’m grateful for having a best friend who is hungry for God and wants to pursue Him.
                        Rocking our pinky promise bracelets! Sisters United :)

This doesn’t even begin to sum up how God moved at the conference but I’m trying to keep this as short as possible! There is nothing like being amongst like minded women especially young women that really want to live for Christ; those that desire to have a personal relationship with Him beyond simply going to church on a Sunday. There is power in unity and serving God; be encouraged! 

I got some great new songs from listening to the praise and worship team that are posted below. Enjoy!

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