Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Woman: The Feminine Wife

Guest Blogger Anita McKaney
Dear woman,

Heard of the lyrics, "Dude look like a Lady"? Well, some wives look like the husband! It is becoming more popular in American culture to not be gender specific about anything. The appeal is to sex period, neither to male nor female. However,  God makes a difference - a big difference, between man and woman, husband and wife.

As a wife, her appeal to her husband lies in those differences. A real man wants a real woman. Her womanly curves, her smell, her sweet spirit and feminine ways distinguish her from his masculine muscle and grit. Many wives wonder why they are losing their husbands attention. Sometimes women are just too manly for them. I'm not suggesting that you incorporate helpless ignorance and having "blonde moments" in your marriage, I'm talking about embracing your God - given womanhood! When was the last time you wore a dress, did your nails, or bought perfume?

For some reason, wives tend to end up neglecting themselves once the newness of marriage (especially if you add kids) wears off. Read Songs of Solomon. What does the husband notice & admire about his bride? Her body in general of course. Her mouth is sweet. So ladies, brush floss and gargle. Let's be real! He also speaks of her hair, her breasts. She is soft, smells inviting and is happy to see her groom. She is also mature. Her body is mature and so is her spiritual life. Notice how often she reminds the younger women "Do not awake love until it pleases" (Song of Solomon 8:4). In other words, be spiritually developed enough to know that sex outside of marriage is wrong. A man of God wants a woman of God, not a little girl.

A wife's attitude and response to her husband shows where her relationship with Christ is. If she exhibits fruit of the Holy Spirit in her life like self-control and patience, she will be a light in her household. Jesus Christ working through us is attractive. He said, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me (John 12:32). Not trying to be super spiritually deep, but think about that. The innocence, purity and selflessness of Christ Himself in YOU has drawing power, not to us, but to God. But guess what? Any husband drawn closer to God will automatically draw closer to his wife!

So smile, be pretty and grow up producing the fruit of the Spirit in your marriage. Be what God created you to be in its fullness - a woman!

Anita Mckaney

Winning Souls, Winning Marriages

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