Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Changed Hearts: I AM Woman

      If you haven't had a chance to check out my website,, please do so! God placed it on my heart about a month ago to create this site for women and I'm so excited about how it's starting to come together. There's a section on the website called "My Story" that I want to introduce to you all! "My Story" is for you; it's a chance to share your story with other women to show where God has delivered you from or simply what He's done in your life. As women we have a tendency to hold onto a lot of guilt and shame from the things that we've done in the past even when we are not that person anymore.  On the other hand, sometimes we feel like we haven't "been through enough" to have a testimony to share. I AM Woman is here to say I am not ashamed of my past because it has given me my testimony and a chance to honor God and His transforming power; this is my story, to God be the glory! Everyone has a story and someone can relate to yours! Use your testimony to encourage someone else to know that they too can overcome with Christ. If you would like your testimony to be featured on the website please email it to There are currently two amazing testimonies up on the site and I can't wait to continue to add more each week! I post them in the order that I receive them and I add a new testimony to the site each Saturday morning. I would love to share yours as well! Don't forget to send it to the above email and then check to see when yours is featured or to look at the other amazing stories about what God has done in and through these women. Be blessed!

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