Friday, October 24, 2014

Tips For The Single Season

As I stated during the Singles With Purpose online conference, I asked a couple of my fam in Christ if they could give singles some advice for their single season what would it be and this is the response that I got! This is the full list of responses that I got which is a little bit more than what I shared on during the conference. Hope this helps :) 

1. Refuse to play the comparison game. Stop looking at all the people your age and what they're doing, whether they are married or just got engaged. 

2. Take your eyes off people and fix your eyes of Christ.

3. Get involved in the Singles Ministry at your church. No Singles Ministry at your church, maybe God is calling you to start it.

4. Get busy for God. Stay Kingdom minded.

5. Don't waste this season, start that ministry God has pressed upon your heart, write that book, blog, go on that mission trip, etc. 

6. Realize that marriage is not a prerequisite for purpose or ministry. 

7. Make friends with other single Christians that live by Hebrews 10:24, "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."

8. Be mindful of boundaries between women and men. Set boundaries.

9. Fully grasp that fulfillment and completeness is found in an intimate relationship with God not a man/woman. 

10. Say no to randoms. You know that man ain't your Boaz.

11. Don't settle. Wait on God's best for you.

12. Don't date just to date with no real purpose in mind. 

13. If they don't recognize your worth, chuck up them deuces.

14. Recognize that you have purpose no matter what your relationship status is. 

15. Spend crazy amounts of time with God. Get in His presence.

16. Go to a conference.

17. Don't be stagnant, make sure you are growing spiritually. 

18. See this season for what it truly is...a gift.

19. Read books on the single season. Ladies I strongly recommend you read Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones.

20. Do things that you wouldn't normally do like going to plays, ballets, etc. also 

21. Working out and eating right because not only will that keep you healthy, you'll be more effective for the kingdom and you'll become confident.

22. Learn how to say "no" to suitors that you just know aren't God's best for you. It may get tempting to go out with them because they're a christian but if you know they aren't it then don't waste time.

23. Ask yourself "then, what?" Or find the "then what" moments in your mind...ex:you work for a six pack then what? You have a great body then what? Basically looking at contentment and desires.
24. Daily challenge your definition of or redefine success/fulfillment by your own standard and GOD'S. (No one else)

25. Try something like going to movies or lunches alone.

26. Travel; be spontaneous, try the things you always wanted to try.

27. Be around married people to see what it's really like.

28.  Artistic expressions, reading- not just christian books but all types of books.

29. Find out what you like and don't like about yourself, about life, in others.

30. Take a cooking classes, finishing a degree or 2, start a business, take random classes at a local community college.

31. Run a marathon, join sports teams, get involved in other clubs or groups.

32. Get to know YOU. Fall in love with God and be selfish with your time. Do the things you've always wanted. Create a bucket list and knock those things down.

33. Seek God and get accountability.

34. Have date nights with Jesus and yourself. 

35.Learn a new skill, volunteer with your favorite charities/organizations.

36. Ask God to show you His purpose and focus on growing your gifts.

37. Be content with your portion, have an accountability/prayer partner.

38. Pray & study the Word intentionally & continuously.
39. Find other single friends to hang out with.

40. Loving yourself is a big one, everyone says that they love themselves, but I mean like really embracing who you are, to be happy with yourself & be you despite what people say! 
41. We all have a past & a lot of the singles haven't moved on from the past. It keeps us stuck, it didn't let us be who we're supposed to be, it makes the season we're in longer.
42. Not paying attention to society. Society says that men have no self control that they can't control their hormones! But that's not true! Guard your heart! Society says that women are emotional, I know that that's not true! All these things keep us from being happy and from experiencing real peace. 

Watch the full Singles With Purpose conference here!:

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