Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Last year around this time I wrote a similar blog about what I learned in 2012 which can be found here. My goal is to do this every year as a way to be able to see where I’ve grown and the areas that God has delivered me from. I know I said I hated 2012 but I am grateful for how it prepared me for 2013 which was indeed an eye opening year. I thought that 2012 was a year of development but looking at 2013 I would say 2012 was more of a year of preparation to get me ready for the year of development that took place in 2013. I turned 25 this year so I figured I’d do 25 things I learned in 2013!
  1. The things I can do with God far exceeded anything I would have ever chosen to do on my own.
  2. It’s so not about me! Everything that I go through, salvation, Changed Hearts, and everything else is so not about me. It’s about God and helping others.
  3. I can’t make permanent decisions based off of temporary bad days. I can’t give up or turn from God because I’m having a bad day. God has placed people along my path who need to see me living for God even through the difficult times.
  4. I began to walk in my purpose! God birthed Changed Hearts and Changed Hearts: I AM Woman this year! (
  5. Living for God is difficult (but not impossible) and you have to be willing to fight for your salvation because the enemy is not taking any days off fighting against you.
  6. I’m content with being 25 and not married! I was told at a revival maybe a year or two ago that I would be married at 25 and let’s just say I was waiting around for 25 to hit so I could finally have a hubby and it didn’t happen. The main thing I took away from it is that I was okay with that! I’ll be honest; what I really learned is that I’m not ready to be anyone’s wife right now. (Watch my video on the single season here!)
  7. Everyone who calls themselves my friend is not. Don’t take it personal. It really is going to be okay. With that being said, use discernment in who I share things with.
  8. I have to let go of who hurt me. No matter what they did or said or how betrayed I feel, let it go.
  9. Be more transparent. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in my past and I can help more people by sharing my testimonies of how God has helped me to overcome in various areas of my life.
  10. Don’t pretend to be okay. I have to deal with what is dealing with me on the inside or the enemy will attack me in that area and I will fail every single time.
  11. God has really blessed me with great people in my life. I realized just a little bit more how much I love and adore my friends and church family.
  12. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. If God said to do it, do it.
  13. Stop being so self conscious!!! It doesn’t matter what people will think or if they will like it.
  14. I’m way too addicted to my cell phone. I need to get back to picking up the phone to call a person and not text them. There’s a great need to get back to meaningful communication outside of social media.
  15. I’m going to be okay…Stop fearing things that may never even happen.
  16. If I feel the need to justify why it’s okay for me to watch a certain show movie or whatever, I need to let it go.
  17. Follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit…every….single….time. No questions needed.
  18. I can’t and don’t have to compare myself to other women of God. God created me with my own lane and the standard is Him not them.
  19. It’s okay to be vulnerable and sensitive. Still working on the it’s okay to cry thing lol
  20. It’s easy to pretend on social media. It’s difficult to pretend in real life.Don't pretend to be okay if I'm not.
  21. Do not get worked up and stressed out over other people’s problems. God doesn’t want me to carry my own burdens so why do I think He wants me to carry someone else’s?
  22. It is so easy to lose focus. I have to keep my eyes fixed on Christ and I need to be more intentional about being disciplined.
  23. Prayer is powerful. It’s one thing to hear others say that and another to pray and see the manifestation of God working things out.
  24. I still have work to do on my attitude and taming the tongue. God willing in 2014!
  25. Last but definitely not least…All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Enough said.
Cheers to the great things that God has in store for 2014. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but what God has shown me in the last few days is there’s a vision that He has for 2014. We don’t want to miss it. Happy New Year! #2014

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