Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Introducing "Dear Woman" Posts!

So what’s this whole Dear Woman business all about? Well I’m so glad you asked! Dear Woman is an advice column for Changed Hearts: I AM Woman that can be found at The Changed Hearts: I AM Woman portion is currently a member’s only site and will remain that way because I want to be able to have a private section just for women to be able to share things in a safe place and also be able to send out inspirational emails to those who are members. I also however wanted to share the messages that are being posted there on this blog for people who may be unaware of the site but come across my blog that is open to the public as I would like to bless and encourage as many people as possible. With that being said, the Dear Woman column WILL still be on Changed Hearts: I AM Woman and it will continue to be a members only page so that way women can utilize the comments area where we can discuss things just as women privately! Lastly, I am not the only one that contributes to the Dear Woman section so I will note the different writers and list all Dear Woman posts as just that!

God bless!

Angel xoxo

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