Monday, May 5, 2014

Jeremiah 33 & 34

Day 35: Jeremiah 33 & 34

“…Give thanks to the Lord Almighty. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever” (Jeremiah 33:11, NIV).

Have you ever had someone speak something over your life that gave you hope for a change to come and for restoration but it seems like it’s not going to come to past because everything just seems to start going wrong? In the last couple of chapters Jeremiah has been talking about the promise of restoration that God has been showing him for Jerusalem however in chapter 34 we are beginning to see that the destruction that was also promised has arrived. Sometimes it can be difficult to hold onto the promise of hope when all you can see is destruction around you and it doesn’t seem like relief and restoration is on its way. We can become discouraged in the midst of it and completely give up faith on the promise the God has given to us. What we have to understand however is that unrepented sin will not go unpunished. The destruction had to come because of the disobedience of the people and their lack of desire to repent and turn their hearts back to God. But even while God is chastising them He has also made a plan to redeem and restore them. As you go through the pruning stage don’t forget the promise that was made to you. As God puts you in uncomfortable situations to draw you back to Him, don’t forget the promise that was made to you. As your situation seems hopeless and it seems like there is trouble on every side, don’t forget the promise that was made to you. God promised to restore the land of Jerusalem that would be burnt up and the people themselves when all of this is over. No matter what you have lost or how impossible it may seem to recover from it know that God has already made a plan for your restoration and that plan is through Jesus Christ.

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