Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jeremiah 35

Day 36: Jeremiah 35: 1-19

The descendants of Jehonadab son of Rekab have carried out the command their forefather gave them, but these people have not obeyed Me. (Jeremiah 35:16, NIV).

                Here we see that God is comparing the obedience of the Rekabites to the disobedience of Judah. He tells Judah that the Rekabites have obeyed their forefathers for years after they were given the command to not drink wine and that they must always live in tents yet God had been commanding Judah forever to turn from their wicked ways and they continued to rebel. The question arises, who or what are you obeying? We can have a tendency to obey our parents, employers, teachers, friends, etc. yet we play around when it comes to God. People can tell us to do something even if it is wrong and we’ll do it but God tells us to do something that is for our own good and it takes us forever to walk in obedience to Him. Why is that? The life application study bible brought up a good point regarding this and that is, “we often are willing to observe customs merely for the sake of tradition; how much more should we obey God’s Word because it is eternal.” We can do things just for the sake of doing it but we really have no desire to do it. A lot of people go to church because someone else told them to and not because they have a desire to have a relationship with God. It’s no good for us to be obedient in what everyone else told us to do but ignore what God has told us to do. Until we turn from our own ways and fully turn to God we will continue in a cycle of disobedience towards Him.  

**A few things!**
God laid it on my heart to get back to prayer. I'm starting back the 60 days of prayer group starting on tomorrow. Find someone that you can connect with and pray with at least once/week while also setting aside time daily to pray individually. You can set up your own conference calls, skype, google hangouts, etc. if you don't have someone to be your prayer partner let me know! We will continue to have the weekly prayer calls on Mondays as well! Join the GroupMe chat for additional accountability and also to share your prayer requests so that we can stand in agreement with you. (The GroupMe chat is currently full but I have sent an email to get the group expanded and I will share that info as soon as I receive it!)

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