Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jeremiah 52

Day 52: Jeremiah 52:1-34

            As we wrap up Jeremiah we see a recap of the very things that God told Jeremiah to speak regarding the fall of Jerusalem due to disobedience. Everything that Jeremiah said would happen took place because he was speaking the word of God. One of the notes in the life application study bible discussed success and how a lot of people would have looked at Jeremiah as being unsuccessful from looking at his life just from a natural stance. He had been put in prison, the people disliked him because he challenged their rebellion against God, and pretty much no one listened to him. In spite of all of this he accomplished the task that God had for him. It’s important to be careful how we measure success especially when we’re doing so by the world’s standard. Throughout these chapters we have seen the growth of Jeremiah as he accepted the calling that God put on his life at a young age, to his moments of being upset or afraid. Most importantly we saw him be obedient and speak the word of God boldly. We also were able to see God fulfill the very things that He spoke to Jeremiah the whole way through. God showed Himself to be faithful to Jeremiah and every word that He told Him to speak cane true. This was not just regarding Judah but also the word that He would protect Jeremiah even when people would come against Him. I pray that these last 52 days have encouraged you to not only trust God with the calling He has placed on your life but also to obey Him fully.  

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