Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jeremiah 37

Day 38:  Jeremiah 37:1-21

Later King Zedekiah secretly requested that Jeremiah come to the palace, where the king asked him, "Do you have any messages from the LORD?" "Yes, I do!" said Jeremiah. "You will be defeated by the king of Babylon" (Jeremiah 37:17, NLT).

            Isn’t it funny how people will reject the very word of God that you speak and say that it’s a lie yet when trouble arises and they need to hear a word from the Lord they’ll come looking for you? King Zedekiah secretly requested that Jeremiah come to the palace after he had been placed in prison for saying that the Babylonians would burn down Jerusalem. Jeremiah now has an opportunity to do one of two things; he could continue to share the message that God has been telling him or he could’ve lied like the false prophets did and reported the Babylonians would not siege the city in hopes of getting out of prison. Jeremiah chose to continue to share the message that God had told him and that was that they would be delivered into the hands of the King of Babylon. How do you respond when you’re in a tight situation that you could easily compromise yourself to get out of it? We always have two options whenever this occurs and that is to do what God wants us to or to disobey Him. Oftentimes when we choose to disobey it is because we don’t believe that God will be with us or deliver us from whatever the situation is. We feel the need to take matters into our own hands to make a way out because we don’t fully trust that God will take care of us. Once again God shows His promise to Jeremiah to be true however (v 21). God will always honor our obedience, it just may not be in the way that we would think He would or the way we would want Him to. We don’t have to make a backup plan to get out of situations because God has already worked it out in our favor. All we have to do is boldly and unashamedly speak as He leads us.

**God laid it on my heart to get back to prayer. I'm starting back the 60 days of prayer group starting on tomorrow. Find someone that you can connect with and pray with at least once/week while also setting aside time daily to pray individually. You can set up your own conference calls, skype, google hangouts, etc. if you don't have someone to be your prayer partner let me know! We will continue to have the weekly prayer calls on Mondays as well! Join the GroupMe chat for additional accountability and also to share your prayer requests so that we can stand in agreement with you.

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