Monday, May 19, 2014

Jeremiah 47-48

Day 49: Jeremiah 47-48

                In these two chapters and the chapters to come we see the prophecy of the destruction to come on the Philistines and the Moabites. It is important for people to really understand that unrepented sin will not go unpunished and that the wrath of God is real. The Lord reveals to Jeremiah all that is going to take place and what is leading up to the fall of Jerusalem; it’s all a result of disobedience. People don’t realize that the bible is the blueprint for how to please God. There are a number of examples provided of how to live for God as well as what He doesn’t like in the best way to put it. The bigger picture however is that He also provides the end result of people being obedient and disobedient. It’s easy to look at the bible, especially in the Old Testament, and want to write it off as ancient history that is no longer applicable to today’s time. If people paid closer attention they would see that the saying “history repeats itself” is very accurate. Wars are still taking place and people continue to worship false idols but it is seen as not a big deal because it is deemed acceptable and not problematic in today’s time. Just because times change that does not mean God’s word becomes null and void. What people must understand is that God does not have to tolerate sin or disobedience. Even if everyone in the world is rebelling, He does not have to sit back and accept it. On the contrary, people must understand that the wrath of God is real and even if everyone else is falling away from Him, each of us will have to stand before Him and give an account for why we didn’t follow Him if we chose not to.

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