Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jeremiah 12

Day 13: Jeremiah 12: 1-14
You are always righteous, Lord, when I bring a case before You. Yet I would speak with You about Your justice: why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all the faithless live at ease? (Jeremiah 12: 1)

                Do you ever feel like the people that aren’t saved get away with everything and it appears that they are prospering even though they are not living for God? I remember there being a point where I was frustrated because I felt as though God was convicting me about every little single thing! I would get upset because there were things that I wanted to do and when I would go to them or even just think about them I would get a conviction in my spirit. I would find myself getting upset or even jealous of people who I knew were not saved and had no conviction and could do whatever they wanted to without having a conviction or the guilt of dishonoring God. They appeared to be having fun and living it up while I sat over here looking like a sour patch kid because of my convictions. We have to understand that when we come into the knowledge of God and choose to accept Jesus as our personal Savior that we are set apart and we are given the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us which is a great thing! Be thankful for the conviction of the Holy Spirit that rests on the inside of you because it is a reminder that you belong to God. 

 It’s easy to want God to punish those that do wrong and bless those that do right and it can be difficult to see people who have no desire to live for God appear to be living it up and prospering. The reality is we technically all deserve God’s wrath because no matter how great of a Christian we are, none of us are truly deserving of having a relationship with Him. We want God to be just on them because we don’t like that we are going through things when we’re living for Him and they are not but we don’t want God to be just on us when we fail. We have to realize that God remains a just God whether we see Him punish these people or not. His word tells us that His judgment will come and just because it has not come immediately that does not mean that it will not. Instead of complaining to God about not punishing or causing problems to happen in the lives of people who are not saved learn to pray for them. Pray that they will turn their hearts to God before His wrath and judgment falls on them and it is too late. No matter how far gone a person may seem that’s not an excuse to give up on them. Continue to earnestly pray for them as it could be your prayer that leads them to pursue Christ.

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