Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jeremiah 25&26

Day 26&27: Jeremiah 25-26

“…Tell them everything that I command you; do not omit a word’ (Jeremiah 26:2, NIV).

            In chapter 25 God instructs Jeremiah to tell all the nations that have been disobedient to Him to drink His cup of wrath and even if they refuse to drink that it will still come on them anyways. Can you imagine being Jeremiah in this scenario as he is pretty much the bearer of this bad news?  I don’t know how accurate it is but it is states in my life application study bible that Jeremiah had been prophesying the message of repentance for 23 years! Even if it was just for 1 year, would you be willing to deliver the same message to people over and over again who continue to reject it? Furthermore, when we look in chapter 26 the people are ready to kill Jeremiah because He speaks of God’s destruction that is to come if they don’t turn back to Him. For majority of people, if they were in Jeremiah’s shoes they would’ve thrown in the towel a long time ago and said God these people don’ want to change. They would say if they haven’t changed by now they are not going to so what is the purpose in continuing to share the same message over and over again if no change occurs? Simple answer: God was still willing to restore them. He was still willing to accept them as His children if they would just return to Him and He was giving them opportunities to take His offer because He loved them. I know that it can get frustrating at times when you have people that you have constantly been praying for and pouring out to yet you see no fruit of them desiring to change. You can get to a point where you think is it even worth me praying anymore or you just stop altogether because you figure it’s pointless.  I want to encourage you to not give up on those people and to not stop urging them to turn their hearts back to God. You might get tired of repeating the same thing and they may even get tired of hearing you say the same thing but your persistence has the ability to lead them to Christ. Don’t get weary in all that you do for the Lord. 

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