Monday, April 7, 2014

Jeremiah 6

Day 7: Jeremiah 6:1-30

Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the Lord hath rejected them (Jeremiah 6:30, KJV).

It’s interesting how people talk about God being mean for punishing people who disobey Him. I have to admit when I read verse two in the NLT I laughed a little to myself as God says “O Jerusalem, you are my beautiful and delicate daughter—but I will destroy you!” I was thinking woah that took a quick turn! It was a reminder however that God still looks at us as His precious children even in  our mess but He will not continue to tolerate sin. What people fail to realize is that God has been patient with His people and He has given them a number of opportunities to turn away from their sin and to return to Him. He has been merciful in His dealings with them and has given them an ample amount of time to get it together in a sense but they refuse. Although He is allowing things to fall apart and destruction to take place, He’s also warning them of what is to come. God is telling them this is what is going to happen if you do not turn your hearts back to me. God had already allowed different things to happen to them in an effort to get them to turn from their sin and seek after Him yet they ignored the warnings. Oftentimes when we face different tests and trials throughout life we get so frustrated and bent out of shape that we never take the time to think that there may be a lesson in it. Granted, we know from Job that sometimes God allows us to go through different things to test our faith but He also allows things to happen to pull us back to Him. 

We can have a tendency to find ourselves getting upset at the hand that life has dealt us instead of turning to God and seeking Him. We ignore the warnings. We have to understand that because God loves us so much, He will do whatever it takes to try to capture our soul and that includes allowing us to hit rock bottom and destruction to take place in our lives. If it takes us being broken down completely so that He can put us back together and build a steady foundation that is laid in Him, He will do it. So often we fight God when we are going through different things because we can only see the right now and we don’t think about the end result of it all. God knows the paths that we are on and He knows what the end result is and He’s trying to keep you from permanent destruction. People often think well if God wants me to go in a different direction then He will let me know…remember Jeremiah was God’s mouthpiece to Judah and Israel. Who has God placed in your life that has been urging you to get it together and get things back on track? The warning may not come to your ear from God Himself but best believe He has placed someone in your life who is prompting you to turn back to Him. We can’t afford to ignore the warnings any longer. 

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