Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jeremiah 21

Day 22: Jeremiah 21: 1-14

I am against you Jerusalem, you who live above this valley on the rocky plateau, declares the Lord-- you who say, "Who can comes against us? Who can enter our refuge?" I will punish you as your deeds deserve, declares the Lord.  I will kindle a fire in your forests that will consume everything around you (Jeremiah 21: 13-14,  NIV).

                I remember listening to Cornelius Lindsey speak and he was talking about how people have made God out to be like a hippie who just loves everyone and is okay with everything and they completely ignore that He is also a God of wrath. We must not make the mistake of only focusing on the God is love side and ignore the fact that He is also a just God and that His judgment and wrath are real. God was fed up with Jerusalem at this point and He tells them that He is against them. That is not a good place to be in! I always think it’s funny when people say how can this God you Christians always talk about be so loving if He is willing to destroy places and people if the people won’t serve Him; that doesn’t seem like a very loving thing to do. As we read we see that God has given these people ample amount of opportunities to turn to Him. He has warned them multiple times of the destruction to come if they don’t turn to Him. He has told them what they needed to do multiple times in order to avoid the trouble that was to come but they continued to choose their own path.

 God will give us way more opportunities than we deserve to truly give our lives to Him but we fail to take heed to it. Or just as King Zedekiah did, we’ll only turn to God when we’re in trouble for Him to fix the problem so that we can return back to what we were doing. I want to leave you with this thought from my life application study bible: “King Zedekiah turned to God for help, but without acknowledging God’s warnings or admitting his sin. Too often we expect God to help us in our time of trouble even though we have ignored Him in our time of prosperity. But God wants a lasting relationship. Are you trying to build a lasting friendship with God, or are you merely using Him occasionally to escape from trouble? What would you think of your family and friends if they thought of you as only a temporary resource?” Think about the number of opportunities that you have had to return to God wholeheartedly yet you have declined. Understand that we can’t use His grace and mercy as an excuse to remain in sin but we must use it as an anchor to keep us from drifting away from God’s will. 

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