Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jeremiah 14

Day 15: Jeremiah 14:1-22

Although our sins testify against us, do something, Lord, for the sake of your Name. For we have often rebelled; we have sinned against You (Jeremiah 14: 7, NIV).

                It appears that the people of Judah are finally seeking God and willing to turn to Him and acknowledge how they have sinned against God but now God won’t receive them. That seems crazy, right?  In the last couple of chapters God has been urging them to return to Him but now that they are He will not hear their cries. The reason for this is because they’re repentance is not sincere. The only reason they are turning to God at this time is because of the famine and drought that have hit the town and they’re calling out to God because they’re in trouble. The reality is if God were to answer them and remove the present trouble they would go right back to their idolatrous ways because they didn’t really want God they just wanted the problems to go away. We have to remember that God knows everything about us and that includes the intentions of our hearts. He knows when our motives are wrong and when we are seeking Him with a phony heart. How often do we seek God only when a problem arises? We tell Him “if You get me out of this situation I’m going to really live for You and I’m going to really surrender to You” and if He does it we go back to doing the same things. That is not a sincere repentance but instead it’s like pulling out a get me out of jail repentance card so I can get back to being comfortable doing whatever I want to do. 

                When we read about the consequences that will arise for Judah due to their disobedience, it is very similar to what is shown in Revelations for the people who refused to follow Christ. There will come a time where all those that rebelled will cry out to God and He will not answer. They will want to die because what is going on in the land is so bad but God will not allow them to and they will have to suffer through it (Revelation 9:6). What we are reading in Jeremiah is not just something that happened to Judah in the past and we don’t need to worry about it because it doesn’t impact us. As we’re reading through these chapters it should urge us to acknowledge the sin in our own hearts and to repent quickly as God’s judgment is real. Our repentance however must be from a sincere place and we must not continue in that sin as God answers us. Don’t wait until you’re in a rough situation to seek God; now is the opportune time to turn to Him and obey. 

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